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Castro Industrial acts as an active agent in making greenfield or brownfield industrial projects viable by mastering the implementation process, ensuring risk mitigation, and significantly contributing to the reduction of construction costs, in addition to Capex control in all phases. The SID system involves the work of a multidisciplinary team and comprises:



  • Definition of Technical Requirements that will guide the implementation

  • Technical Land Selection / Land Acquisition and Bookkeeping

  • Implementation Master Plan

  • Capex Definition

  • Pre-works Licensing

  • Industrial Architecture Project

  • Industrial Engineering Projects

  • Utility and Instrumentation Projects

  • Budgets for Construction Works and Utilities

  • Budgets for Equipment and Utensils

  • Technical Support for Executing Projects

  • Post-Construction and Operating Licensing

  • BIM

Modeling of construction information that allows you to create smart plans. You can insert useful information like inputs, footage and thickness, in each part of this plan.



Management and Technical Partnerships in Structuring Services:

  • Initial Negotiations for Incentives and Counterparts

  • Approval of BNB or BNDES Consultation Letter

  • Signing of Protocol of Intent with State and Local Governments

  • Opening of the Local Industrial Company

  • Approval of State Incentives

  • Guarantee Evaluation

  • Contracting of BNB and BNDES Financing

  • Monitoring, Relationship and Release of Periodic Technical Measurements



  • Technical Qualification of Suppliers

  • Qualification and Registration at CastroBID

  • Preparation of the Competition Environment at CastroBID (Notice, Spreadsheets, Projects, Memorials, Rules)

  • Technical Procurement of Works and Utilities - CastroBID

  • Technical Procurement of Equipment, Supplies, and Utensils - CastroBID

  • Support to face-to-face negotiations

  • Closing of Contracts

  • The CastroBid ® System is a web-based procurement tool for works and utilities, developed by Castro Projetos for managing bids, ensuring its clients and suppliers a simple and functional platform, which increasingly contributes to the legitimacy of bidding processes managed by our company.



  • Management of Execution Contracts

  • Construction and Utilities Management

  • Equipment Assembly Management

  • Equipment Commissioning

  • Final Receipt and Activation of Guarantee Periods

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