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Castro Industrial Group Values:

Castro Industrial group and its collaborators share the same common values: honesty, integrity, and respect for people. Besides, they firmly believe in the importance of trust, transparency, teamwork, and professionalism as well as the pride for what they do.
Thus, the following are expensive and wholeheartedly values supported by all who make up Castro Industrial

a) Ethics for all its actions striving for reliability, integrity, loyalty, and commitment;
b) uncompromising respect for laws;
c) Social responsibility - recognizing the responsibility for the results and impacts of the company’s actions on the natural and social environment;
d) Earning respect through the quality of products and services offered and its ever correct behavior;
e) Commitment to members, employees, suppliers, partners, and society;
f) Competitiveness to offer services and products of high quality with competitive and fair prices, adding value to the investments of our clients;
g) Respect to diversity and combat against any type of discrimination;
h) Self-development, innovation, and creativity;
i) Esteem and recognition by the accomplishment of the results.

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