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 CASTRO INDUSTRIAL establishment

1994 - 1999

Banco do Brasil (bank)
Guadalupe Resort,
Shell S.A.
Alcoa S.A.
Unilever (Kibon)
Saint-Gobains Quartzolit
ABN Amro Bank

2000 - 2004

Tavares de Melo Group
Sappel from Brazil
Cipesa S.A
Amanco Fortilit
Santa Maria Wines
Terphane (Tredegar Group)
CIV (Glass Industrial Company)
ISO 9001 Certification

2005 - 2009

Chesf (hydroelectric plant)
Petroflex (Lanxes - Petroquemical plants)
Condor S.A. (Shoes plants)
Alpargatas S.A(Shoes Plant)
IMPSA (Wind Turbine Plant)
Piratininga Machines (Wind towers plant)
Brisa do Mar Resort
Gestamp Wind Steel (Wind towers plant)
UNIVASF (university)
BIM 0 Building Information Modeling
EDM - Electronic Document Management

2010 - 2014

Jaraguá Equipaments (petrochemical Pipes Plant)
NOV Fiberglass System (pipes plant)
Efacec Energy (Electric Substations  plant)
IMPSA Hydro (Hydroelectric Turbine plant)
Iraeta Brasil (Wind flanges plant)
UNIFIT (Industrial Yams plant)
Aguilar y Salas (Petroquemical Equip. Plant)
Pastifícil Selmi (Paste plant)
Grande Moinho Cearense (Wheat mill plant)
Tegma (Logistic operator)
Alpargatas S.A (flip-flop sandals plant)
Alston / AG (TEN - Wind towers plant) 
Cone S.A (Logistics condominiums)

2015 - 2019

Portobello S.A (Ceramic tiles plants.
Bolognesi Energia(Thermo-Electric plant)
IVL (logistics condominium)
Cone Aratú (ogistics condominium)
3 Hearts (Coffee Facility)
Iquine Inks (Ink Factory)
Inbetta (Houseware  Factory)
Dislub Ecuador (Fuel distribution  terminal)
Ind. Raymundo da Fonte (cleaning material plant

2019 - 2023

Marilan Alimentos  S.A (Food Industry)
Camil Alimentos(Food Industry)
Ferreira Costa (Home Center)

Owens Illinois (glass packaging)

Ypê - Química Amparo (Cleaning Supplies Industry)

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